Data Center 

Our distinguished data center located in Royal Oak, MI. can host any customer solution regardless of space, power or networking/bandwidth requirements. Power limitations a thing of the past, with 7,800 square feet of safe, secure and flexible data center space.


Colocation hosting services in our SouthEast Michigan Data Center has never been easier. We offer services to customers from all over the world. Our 20,000 square foot Michigan Data Center offers all of the services you would expect from a world-class data center.We offer a range of colocation solutions and space options from 1U to private caged areas. Each type of colocation service comes with redundant power, multiple fiber carriers, redundant facility UPS, two diesel generators, redundant HVACs, and 24/7 monitoring.

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Shared Hosting  

A single physical server is split into multiple virtual servers. Each server runs its own operating system and receives full access.

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Dedicated Servers

Custom built, full server access, configure for your own needs.

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Cloud Service

The term "Cloud Services" has been used to categorize many hosting opportunities from On Demand services to online file backup systems to even VPS machines. True cloud services do refer to On Demand offerings that allow clients to purchase hosting environments for minutes, hours or longer and upgrade/downgrade add-ons as needed. We are in the process of creating a fully online Cloud system that will allow clients that On Demand functionality. Until that functionality is available we have several other "Cloud" type services available with our VPS and Dedicated server configurations. Please contact us and we can recommend which service is best for your specific needs.

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Experienced support team

Our 24/7/365 support team is dedicated to managing your hosting environment. Each of our support team members have spent a number of years in the industry, including many members with 25+ years of experience supporting hosting providers. Their experience has provided them the opportunity to gain knowledge in range of configurations and hosting solutions. Their knowledge is beneficial to our clients as they can help create custom solutions for your unique configuration and hosting needs.

High quality equipment

Ensuring your solutions retain their uptime requires high quality equipment. We work with a number of hardware vendors to provide clients with high quality, new hardware. In the rare event the hardware was to experience a failure, inventory is kept onsite to ensure replacement is readily available to get your services back online as quickly as possible.

We build reliability

Controlling our own network, purchasing high quality equipment, and employing experienced support team members are only a few examples of how we have built reliability into our systems. We understand if your web services are down, your business is down.

Redundancy, redundancy, redundancy...

Redundancy is the key to maintaining uptime. We strive to ensure there is no single point of failure among any system within our network. In almost all instances, we even have a backup to our backup. We understand there is always a risk for failure, but we also understand if you take precautions and build redundancy into your systems the risk for failure is greatly diminished.

Royal Oak, MI data center!

Our data center in Royal Oak, Michigan was built with redundancy in mind, we have multiple generators, redundant power sources, multiple network carriers, etc. Our data center allows us to control the entire network and services that support the network and your servers. By having these redundancies in place and the backing of our support team extensive knowledge and expertise, we have maintained greater than 99.9% uptime since opening in April 2008.

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