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HardDriveHotel offers a variety dedicated server packages in Quad, Dual, and Single core options to meet your hosting solution needs. We provide and manage the equipment, while you receive full access to the machine to continue your configuration based on your own solution. Looking for assistance with the installation and configuration of your server? We can help you manage the server under our managed server offerings.

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Plans and Features

Operating Systems

For their dedicated server configurations we offer our customers Microsoft and Linux operating systems. With Microsoft, we have the latest versions of server operating systems that they have to offer. With Linux, we offer these brands of Linux operating systems CentOS, Debian, Fedora, RedHat, Ubuntu and more. If there is ever a question from a potential customer as to whether we offer a certain type or version of operating system for their dedicated server configuration, our Super Support can be contacted through e-mail, chat, or phone for the proper response to their question.

Control Panel

Potential customers can have whatever control panel they want to manage. We have had clients choose from several different control panels for their dedicated server configuration. For instance, our customers have chosen certain control panels such as ISPConfig, cPanel, Plesk, WebMin, and iRedMail. If there is ever a question from a potential customer as to whether we offer a certain type of control panel for their dedicated server configuration, our Super Support can be contacted through e-mail, chat, or phone for the proper response to their question.


Some dedicated server clients, prefer to procure their own products, licenses, software, etc. Once deployed, you will have full access to your machine to install these products. Our support team is always available for assistance for installing these products as well as discussions on their compatibility.


All of our dedicated servers are housed in our wholly-owned datacenter in Royal Oak, Michigan, Liberty Center One. Liberty Center One offers the following:

  • Full range of technology solutions, including managed, co-location, virtual, dedicated and shared hosting services
  • Modern networking solutions including SONET/OC, gigabit Ethernet and TDM connections
  • Multiple layers of redundancy for all critical power, cooling, network and security systems with a minimum of N+1 redundancy
  • Flexible delivery of over 200 watts per sq. ft. to support modern, high density equipment
  • Software and web site design, development, deployment and maintenance
  • IT Hotel space available for short and long-term lease or for disaster recovery services

Advanced Options

Possible Configurations for a Dedicated Server

There are several different configurations that our potential customers can choose from. For instance, we offer dedicated server packages such as “The Double”, “The Suite”, “The Penthouse” and “The Ritz”. Our Super Support team can help you choose the right dedicated server package and build your solution using industry-leading hardware. Depending on what the customer’s needs are, our Super Support team can help any potential customer with finding a dedicated server solution to fit their dedicated server needs. The Super Support team can be contacted through e-mail, chat, or phone to help with any configuration questions you may have to help you with making a dedicated server decision.

Enhanced Services Available for Dedicated Servers

There are a variety of enhanced services available to support additional functionality, redundancy, and more for your dedicated servers.

  • Windows Operating System: We offer Windows Server 2003 and 2008, Web, Standard and Enterprise Editions.
  • Daily Backup: We offer daily backup services to a separate server. We can also configure a nightly rsync from your primary hard disk to a secondary hard disk.
  • Microsoft Software: We are a Microsoft Partner. We offer additional Microsoft software and applications such as SQL Server, Exchange, Office, Project, Terminal Server, SharePoint, and much more.
  • Operating System Maintenance: We can apply updates and security patches to your Operating System for you.
  • DNS Services: Domain Name Services to manage your zone files (host records, MX records, etc.).
  • Additional IP addresses: IP addresses are available as needed.
  • Hosting Account Control Panels: Choose from ISPConfig, cPanel, Plesk, Kloxo, WebMin, iRedMail or install your own.
  • Server Monitoring: We monitor your server 24/7 and can send you text messages to report server statuses.
  • Custom Installations: We can assist you with the installation of specific applications on your server.
  • Additional Bandwidth Commitments: All of our bandwidth connections are burstable and measured using the 95th percentile method. You can increase or decrease your monthly bandwidth commitment as needed.
  • Firewall Protection: Protect yourself from hacks and attacks from the Internet. Personal Firewall / VPN available for Dedicated Servers. Essential for Windows Servers.
  • Disaster Recovery: We can assist you with setting up a server to failover to in the event of a disaster at other datacenter locations
  • Managed Hosting: Our support team is available to help manage your specific hosting configuration. They can provide support for specific items or the entire configuration.
Our Facility

All of our dedicated servers are housed in our wholly-owned datacenter in Royal Oak, Michigan, Liberty Center One.

Our 20,000 sq ft. facility offers over 7,800 sq. ft. of safe, secure and flexible data center space. We have multiple layers of redundancy for all critical power, cooling, network and security systems. And we are currently celebrating 100% uptime since our opening in April 2008.

World Class Hosting, World Class Facilities

So, Why HardDriveHotel?


HardDriveHotel’s SuperSupport is available 24/7/365 through phone, e-mail, or online chat support to answer your hosting questions and to ensure that your hosting experience is a successful one with us.

  • Experienced support team

    Our 24/7/365 support team is dedicated to managing your hosting environment. Each of our support team members have spent a number of years in the industry, including many members with 25+ years of experience supporting hosting providers. Their experience has provided them the opportunity to gain knowledge in range of configurations and hosting solutions. Their knowledge is beneficial to our clients as they can help create custom solutions for your unique configuration and hosting needs.

  • High quality equipment

    Ensuring your solutions retain their uptime requires high quality equipment. We work with a number of hardware vendors to provide clients with high quality, new hardware. In the rare event the hardware was to experience a failure, inventory is kept onsite to ensure replacement is readily available to get your services back online as quickly as possible.

  • We build reliability

    Controlling our own network, purchasing high quality equipment, and employing experienced support team members are only a few examples of how we have built reliability into our systems. We understand if your web services are down, your business is down.

  • Redundancy, redundancy, redundancy...

    Redundancy is the key to maintaining uptime. We strive to ensure there is no single point of failure among any system within our network. In almost all instances, we even have a backup to our backup. We understand there is always a risk for failure, but we also understand if you take precautions and build redundancy into your systems the risk for failure is greatly diminished.

  • We own our own data center!

    Our data center in Royal Oak, Michigan was built with redundancy in mind, we have multiple generators, redundant power sources, multiple network carriers, etc. Owning our own data center allows us to control the entire network and services that support the network and your servers. Data center ownership also ensures the guarantees we make of reliability, redundancy, and high quality equipment are true statements. By having these redundancies in place and the backing of our support team extensive knowledge and expertise, we have maintained 100% uptime since opening in April 2008.

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