Our distinguished data center in Royal Oak, MI. can host any customer solution regardless of space, power or networking/bandwidth requirements. With power limitations a thing of the past, with 7,800 square feet of safe, secure and flexible data center space. Our design enables us to provide you with power you need in exactly the space you want. It was built with a high power to space ratio to support modern, high density equipment. The data center was built in a fiber-rich location, which provides multiple choices and lightning fast connections for your bandwidth needs. Weprovides a safe, secure physical and virtual environment, protected and monitored 24/7. Your data is protected through a comprehensive system that consists of multiple layers of redundancy, designed to keep mission critical systems up and running with exceptional uptime and safety. Pay only for what you need, and get more as you need it. Our distinguished data center in Royal Oak, MI. enables you to get the services you demand in the precise space you need.

  • SSAE 16 certified.
  • Full range of technology solutions, including managed, co-location, virtual, dedicated and shared hosting services.
  • Modern networking solutions including SONET/OC, gigabit Ethernet and TDM connections. Multiple layers of redundancy for all critical power, cooling, network and security systems with a minimum of N+1 redundancy.
  • Flexible delivery of over 200 watts per sq. ft. to support modern, high density equipment. Software and web site design, development, deployment and maintenance.
  • IT Hotel space available for short and long-term lease or for disaster recovery services.



Experienced support team

Our 24/7/365 support team is dedicated to managing your hosting environment. Each of our support team members have spent a number of years in the industry, including many members with 25+ years of experience supporting hosting providers. Their experience has provided them the opportunity to gain knowledge in range of configurations and hosting solutions. Their knowledge is beneficial to our clients as they can help create custom solutions for your unique configuration and hosting needs.

High quality equipment

Ensuring your solutions retain their uptime requires high quality equipment. We work with a number of hardware vendors to provide clients with high quality, new hardware. In the rare event the hardware was to experience a failure, inventory is kept onsite to ensure replacement is readily available to get your services back online as quickly as possible.

We build reliability

Controlling our own network, purchasing high quality equipment, and employing experienced support team members are only a few examples of how we have built reliability into our systems. We understand if your web services are down, your business is down.

Redundancy, redundancy, redundancy...

Redundancy is the key to maintaining uptime. We strive to ensure there is no single point of failure among any system within our network. In almost all instances, we even have a backup to our backup. We understand there is always a risk for failure, but we also understand if you take precautions and build redundancy into your systems the risk for failure is greatly diminished.

Royal Oak, MI data center!

Our data center in Royal Oak, Michigan was built with redundancy in mind, we have multiple generators, redundant power sources, multiple network carriers, etc. Our data center allows us to control the entire network and services that support the network and your servers. By having these redundancies in place and the backing of our support team extensive knowledge and expertise, we have maintained greater than 99.9% uptime since opening in April 2008.

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